SapphirePlus | Infusion System

The Small, Simple Solution for Complex Healthcare

  • Easy to handle, fast to set up, and ready for the future with easy software upgrades

  • Help accelerate setup for rapid response

  • Integrate wirelessly with ICU Medical MedNet™ safety software

  • One common user interface for all your infusion needs

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Innovative Inside, Tough Outside

Elevate care and confidence with the advanced design of the SapphirePlus infusion system. Its innovative pumping mechanism, resilient build, and precise engineering invite a higher standard of accuracy, durability, and trust.

Help minimize errors, maximize compliance

  • Integrate wirelessly with ICU Medical MedNet safety software, covering 40 clinical care areas and
    capable of 11,000+ drug entries

  • Auto-default to the drug library with fast keyboard drug search

  • Gain 20/20 visibility into your medication practice with ICU Medical’s MedNet Performance Reports

Administer medication with confidence

  • Device and set designed with safety measures to protect from free flow

  • Precise infusing at +/- 2.5% accuracy*

Help ensure your investment has a long life

  • Resistant to fluid and dust ingress (IP24 rating)

  • Makes repairs easy with fewer than 175 total components


*Subject to external conditions such as tubing, pressure, bag position relative to the pump, barometric pressure, humidity, and temperature.

When time is critical and demand great, you need an infusion pump that is easy to handle, fast to set up, and
simple to learn and program. The SapphirePlus infusion system is all that and more.


Reduce complexity at the bedside

  • Easily move from one care area to another with its small footprint

  • Add devices without adding cords; the multicradle and embedded
    powermounting option make it possible 

Accelerate setup for rapid response

  • Snap-on, snap-off pump from cradle attached to infusion pole

  • Make priming easy with straight-line tubing and fast set loading

Experience intuitive and simple programming

  • Help eliminate programming errors; intuitive user interface displays only
    relevant keystroke options

  • Easily read critical information on a large font summary screen

One Common User Interface for All Your Infusion Needs

Now you can standardize infusion pumps across all your facilities and therapeutic areas with a single, common user interface.

  • Operate one, simple user interface design for general infusion and pain management devices

  • Help eliminate confusion with consistency in setup, workflow, and troubleshooting formats

  • Reduce training schedules

Diana -BatchingReady for What’s Next

In the ever-evolving healthcare industry, change is a constant but it's a simple matter for the SapphirePlus infusion system’s keyless design. As a software-driven pump, it offers virtually endless possibilities and a practical, cost-effective means of adapting.

Stay ahead of today and tomorrow's demands

  • Software-driven user interface can bring versatility to adapt to changes in clinical practice

  • Update software on-site for quick access to design enhancements

Move Forward With the Backing of a Leader

Operational Expertise

Our highly skilled project management teams help
assemble your implementation plan.

Extensive Support

An interdisciplinary team of pharmacists,
nurses, account managers, and field service
engineers help train your staff, and service
and support the system.

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 ℞ Only. For safe and proper use of these devices, please refer to the appropriate manual.


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