LifeCare PCA | Patient-Controlled Analgesia Infusion System

Safety driven, Patient Focused

Helps Reduce Medication Errors

The LifeCare PCA® pump is designed to help reduce infusion-related medication errors through the use of IV-EMR integration and the built-in bar code identification of prefilled and pharmacy-filled drug vials.

Increases Clinician Efficiency

When integrated with your electronic medical record (EMR) solution, ICU Medical MedNetTM safety software automatically connects your physician medication orders to your LifeCare PCA pumps and automatically documents all infusion data into the EMR.

Supports Quality Initiatives

Automatically and wirelessly collect information directly from your LifeCare PCA pump. Reports from MedNet safety software provide valuable, actionable data to your clinical practice.

Improved Cybersecurity

LifeCare PCA's robust wireless connectivity helps safeguard your data.

Forward-Thinking Features

EMR Interoperability

The LifeCare PCA pump is the first and only PCA pump to offer EMR integration, enabling auto-programming and auto-documentation to help improve safety and clinical workflow efficiency.

ICU Medical MedNet Safety Software

With ICU Medical MedNet safety software you can be assured of hard and soft limit utilization and drug library compliance, enhancing patient safety.

Integrated Bar Code Reader

The first and only PCA pump with integrated bar code identification of prefilled and pharmacy-filled drug vials, LifeCare PCA substantially eliminates the potential for drug and concentration errors at the bedside.

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