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Some Things Work Better Together

Your smart pumps help enhance safety through guidance at the bedside.

Your barcode system, connected to electronic health records (EHR), electronically verifies the five rights. And you rely on your documentation systems to access data. On their own, these elements are good. Together, they are powerful.

Integrate your systems with ICU Medical’s IV-EHR Interoperability solution to ensure your ICU Medical smart pumps with ICU Medical MedNet™ safety software are programmed with accurate orders and every infusion setting is documented.

Your nurses, physicians, and pharmacists can trust, verify, and support one another in what matters most—patient care.

The Maladies of Manual Processes.

Infusion-related errors are a bitter pill. They put your patients, clinicians, and finances at risk.

Yet, eliminating them is a challenge.

Manual processes leave you susceptible to errors and stretched for time, which would be better spent on caregiving.
Not so with ICU Medical’s IV-EHR solution—its Smart Pump Programming and Infusion Documentation* help alleviate
the challenges of manual processes.

Bring Advancements to Life.

When you implement IV-EHR Interoperability, you connect your ICU Medical IV pumps with ICU Medical MedNet safety
software to your patients’ pharmacy orders and EHR. This connectivity enables the system to program pump settings
from the order onto the IV pump and provides infusion information in near real time to the EHRhelping you improve
safety, speed up workflows, and bolster financial health.

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*Functionality dependent on EHR system capability.


Smart Pump Programming

Bypass drug errors by populating your IV pumps with patient orders already vetted by
your pharmacists. Smart Pump Programming with IV-EHR Interoperability allows for
the pharmacy-validated order to flow into the pump and populate onto the screen.
The result? Your nurses and pharmacists can be assured that the pump settings
match the patient's order.

  • Now, you can rely directly on the pharmacy-validated orderrather than your
    notes. All that’s left to start your infusion is to verify and confirm the settings.

  • Free up nurses to give more direct attention to patients. Reduce the number
    of steps and time spent programming.

Supporting your integrated
infusion system.

ICU Medical is dedicated to providing you with the infusion system connectivity that meets your needs.

 Our strategy includes:

  • Tailored functionality, supporting connectivity to a broad range of EHR vendors and systems

  • Front- and back-end interoperability, enabling flexible integration with third-party systems and devices

Document with accuracy. Access right away.

Put the days of writing IV information on scrub legs, bedsheets, or the back of your hand
behind you. Our IV-EHR Interoperability solution allows you to capture infusion activity,
such as start times, titrations, etc. and provides near real-time access through your
EHR’s documentation system.

  • Drive best practices and compliance down to the individual caregiver, thanks to
    a new level of detail in CQI data mining.

  • Optimize critical thinking with seamless, automated sharing of infusion data and
    medication information, which can lead to more confident decision-making while
    providing the opportunity for safer patient care.

  • Boost efficiency. Give your entire team a shared view of patient treatment
    information through dashboards so that pharmacists can prepare IV medications
    well in advance and nurses can keep up with patient status.

See Why Our IV-EHR Interoperability Is Strong Medicine.

Your mission is to deliver the best medication therapy.
Ours is to help make it possible.

That’s why you get the expertise of our highly skilled team of nurses,
pharmacists, IT specialists, field engineers, and project managers to serve
and support you and your use of our IV-EHR interoperability.

  • Implementation Services

    Our multidisciplinary team of clinical and technical experts work with you
    to understand your needs and requirements to get you up and running.

  • Clinical Services

    Highly valuable insight is provided with our data analysis and benchmarking,
    clinical product usage assessments gap analysis, clinical education and
    clinical implementation services.

  • Support Services

    Our dedicated support organization provides a wealth of knowledge,
    resources, and technical training opportunities to help you maximize the
    value of your ICU Medical infusion pump and patient safety software


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