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From real-time time blood pressure monitoring to needlefree closed-system blood sampling technology, learn how we can help you get the accurate and reliable tools you need to effectively manage your critical care patients.


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Product Overviews

SafeSet® Blood Sampling System

A closed, needlefree in-line blood sampling system that reduces blood waste, while minimizing the risk of IV line contamination and the transmission of infectious disease.

  • Two needlefree access options prevent exposure to infectious diseases.

  • Reduces blood waste because the clearing volume can be reinfused. 

  • In-line design protects patient's blood from exposure to bacteria.

  • Kit configurations for adult and neonatal/pediatric patients.

Transpac® IV Disposable Pressure Transducer

Accurate and reliable real-time blood pressure measurements to effectively manage your critical care patients.

  • Color coded lines for easy identification when measuring multiple parameters.

  • High durometer pressure tubing ensures optimal dynamic response.

  • Available with SafeSet™ blood conservation system.

  • Clear fluid pathway facilitates priming.

Transpac® IT Disposable Pressure Transducer

Providing you accurate, real-time invasive blood pressure measurements in one easy to use device.

  • IV tubing is bonded directly to the housing to reduce the risk of loose connections.

  • Offers a combined squeeze and pigtail flushing option.

  • Available with SafeSet™ integral closed blood sampling and conservation system.

  • Fluid path is clear and visable for easy de-bubbling.

InfuseITDisposable Pressure Infuser

  • Unique pressure gague is easy to read and durable.

  • Convenient IV pole loop hangar is sturdy and easy for personnel to hang onto IV poles regardless of height.

  • Clear sleeve around bag provides a visible window to see what fluids are being pressurized.

  • Durable construction - will not rip or tear.

  • Choice of stopcock valve or bulb thumbwheel valve.

  • Monitoring Accessories
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    Accessories/Hardware (non-sterile) for use with Disposable Transducers

    Holder for IV Pole, Backing Plate/Mount for Transpac Transducer, Arm Strap, Transpac IV Transducer Patient Mounting, Transducer Simulator

    Pressure Tubing

    Arterial Pressure Tubing with Two Male Connectors: High Durometer PVC, 0.110 inch OD and 0.065 inch ID

    Arterial Pressure Tubing with One Male Connector and One Female Connector: High Durometer PVC, 0.110 inch OD and 0.065 inch ID

    Flush Devices

    Intralock Stopcocks

    Intralock Manifolds

    Monitoring Support Devices

    Double Male, Luer-Lock Adapter, Male Luer-Lock Dead-Ender Cover, Female Dead-Ender Cover

    Fluid Administration Sets

    1-Way Fluid Administration Sets with Drip Chamber, Bifurcated Fluid Administration Sets with Drip Chamber, Trifurcated Fluid Administration Sets with Drip Chamber

    Pressure Administration Cuffs and Replacement Parts

    High Pressure Manifolds

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  • Monitoring Cables
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    Reusable Cables (non-sterile) for use with Transpac IV and Transpac IT Disposable Transducers

    ICU Medical Aust utilizes a “telephone style” cable connection which is compatible with majority of Monitoring Models.

    The reusable Transpac® cables have strain relief features built into the connectors to improve durablilty.

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