Our History


Doc -lopezIn 1984, Dr. George "Doc" Lopez, a practicing internist, tragically lost a patient when an IV line accidentally disconnected. Doc was determined to prevent a tragedy like this from happening again and soon conceived a locking IV device later known as the ClickLock. The ClickLock opened the door to a new generation of cost-effective clinical innovations focused on enhancing safety at the point of care, including the industry-leading Clave® family of needlefree vascular access devices and the Neutron Catheter Patency Device.

Bringing new and innovative medical technologies to a wider range of clinical applications and settings is at the core of who we are and what we do. Today, we continue to explore new markets, shedding light on previously overlooked or accepted clinical threats and hazards. At ICU Medical, we see these clinical challenges as opportunities for innovation and creativity, fueled by our commitment to keeping patients and healthcare workers safe.